A quick lesson about choices and the quality of doing.

Who likes to do the dishes?

We live in a world of polarities, ups and downs good and bad, yin and yang. It turns out that the ‘quality’ of our life is defined by the choices we make on this axis of opposites, a choice between joy or frustration. This choice is often unconscious.

There’s a certain quality in doing things in grace and humility, even when washing the dishes. However, it is well known that people don’t like washing the dishes, it is a task we prefer to avoid. …

Have you ever wondered why some people are very open to you and some show you very little regard? This article is for you.

A photo of a beautiful place in Thornhill Ontario that I shared on social media

We are gardens. Every human holds inside a beautiful garden. A Soul Garden. This place looks like the most beautiful place you can ever imagine, green, full of flowers, trees, and a cozy place for us to sit. We always feel beautiful inside our garden.

Since this garden is our special place we keep it surrounded by a tall wall. No one can come in unless we invite them in. It requires a trust and deep love to allow someone in. This special person will make the garden an even more cozy place to be. He will tread carefully not…

2020 we'll go down in history as the year of Covid-19. Not everything was bad, I created a list of things I discovered through 2020 and quick random thoughts I want to remember.


Magical performance, 3000 people in one room.


India is incredible crazy place. Video I took while walking in the Johari Bazaar — Jaipur .

Walking in Johari Bazaar — Jaipur
My visit to Lodi Gardens

Jalebi is one of the best sweet things I've ever had

“Sometimes our life is defined by opportunities, even the ones we miss.” This quote by Benjamin Button reminds me that…

3 short video presentations shot at the Wix.com rooftop / UX Salon 2016 after party. Tel-Aviv (April 3, 2016)

Eva-Lotta Lamm reveals why pen and paper are your secret superpower and how to harness this power for better communication and design.

Eva-Lotta Lamm

A tale of a red chair. Adrian Zumbrunnen shows us why good design isn’t always beautiful and frictionless.

Adrian Zumbrunnen

Redesigning complex products requires a good plan. Bat El Sebbag takes a look at the UX methodology used in rebuilding the Wix Editor.

Bat El Sebbag

Four more videos from UX Salon subscribe to our YouTube channel

The invention of the tablet PC has created a new medium for book publishing. Interactive books are everywhere, and have revolutionized the way people consume the printed word.

With the recent software available to allow easy creation of interactive books and with the race to bring these products to market, there seems to be a more and more dilution of quality and a loss for the meaning of interactivity. When publishers create new eBook titles or convert a traditional printed book to a digital interactive eBook, they often miss the added value this new medium can provide.

It’s important to…

As a designer, I love the Internet of Things. I’ve been collecting ideas and inspiration from the Internet of Things for the past year for my website, IoT News Network, and thinking a lot about how to create meaningful experiences when designing smart objects.

Connecting a device or sensors to a network is not enough to create an awesome new experience. The most exciting products on the market are set to disrupt what we know about technology and innovation, just as the iPod and iTunes changed the way the world buys and listens to music.

The term Disruptive Innovation was…

Image from “I Forgot My Phone” Video — youtube

Do you constantly check your smartphone to see if you’ve received messages or notifications on Facebook? Does your phone distract you from your studies or work? Do your friends, parents, children, or spouse complain that you are not giving them enough attention because of your phone? You may be addicted.

Imagine that you’re having a conversation with your friend, perhaps over dinner in a nice restaurant, when suddenly someone you don’t know comes to your table and starts a lengthy conversation with your friend. We would all agree that would be very rude. But now imagine that your friend takes…

An image from the Productivity Future Vision video – Microsoft

As product designers, we live in exciting times. We are on the verge of another technological revolution that will change the way we live and interact with our surroundings. This technological revolution is called the Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things refers to uniquely identifiable objects or “things” that have a digital presence. There are two main categories of these objects: Identified Objects and Connected Devices. These objects or devices can be connected to one another (to create a digital ecosystem), as well as to the internet. Hence, the name, Internet of Things.

The networking giant Cisco predicts…

Designing tablet apps for kids to explore and enjoy without the risk of breaking the experience—or the tablet.

I was recently fortunate to work on interactive storybooks for preschoolers and toddlers (ages 2–5) for the iPad and Android tablet platforms. Designing for young kids requires looking at things from a child’s perspective. I learned some important lessons by observing kids and reviewing applications while working on these projects.

Kids are curious and eager to explore. They tend to touch everything they see on the screen and notice things adults sometimes miss. For example, they don’t experience banner blindness; for them, a banner is an exciting opportunity to learn what will happen if they touch the screen. Most interaction…

Avi Itzkovitch

Designer, Speaker, Founder of UX Salon. I am a creative thinker with initiative and passion to change the world.

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